I may wear a badge, but I haven't been on the right side of the law in years.

Silent Phoenix MC has had me in their cross-hairs since I was eighteen and it doesn't matter how hard I fight, I'll never outrun the sins of my youth.

A chance meeting on the beach changes the game. Suddenly, I'm consumed, not with tequila or women, but by a pint-sized redhead with a personality as big as the great state of Texas.

There's no coming back from the things that I've done. I'm cut from the same cloth as my old man and guys like us- we don't deserve second chances. 

Something about her makes me feel like I'm worthy of just that though.

As an officer of the law, I'm sworn to serve and protect, but who am I kidding? With as deep as I'm in, I could very well be the one to destroy her.

Renegade is the first book in the Silent Phoenix MC Series. Mike and Lauren's story continues in Traitor.